How Can I Easily Enter my Friend’s Loans in Quickbooks

Different businesses have different accounts and bookkeeping needs. The demand of universal software is always searched by the users. At times the ordinary financial programs fail to help you make an entry for the loans you borrowed from friends or you gave a loan to your buddies. The Quickbooks is advanced software that allows you to manage the loans for business and friends. Here, Quickbooks customer support resolves your query about entering the loans from friends for safe records and book keeping. Set up a liability account for entering the loans and assign friends as the lenders.


Follow the steps mentioned below to get started with managing loans from friends:

Step 1: First you need to open the Quickbooks account and tap on the option appearing as List. Now, choose Chart of Accounts directly from the menu bar.

Step 2: Choose the “New” option appearing in the “Account menu” icon. This will open a new window, so wait with patience.

Step 3: Once the new window loads on the screen, you need to tap the Down arrow and choose the option Other Current Liability. In case, the loan is short term, then choose Short term liability. Whereas, if the loan is long term, just choose Long term liability.

Step 4: Type the full name of the friend who offered you loan including the personal loan and a brief detail about the amount. For the first opening balance, just set the value as zero and press OK.

Managing loans from friends are easier, but sometimes you might face the problem. In such situation, do not panic! Just relax and contact Quickbooks technical support. The team of qualified professionals will ensure to resolve your technical errors within specified time limit. If doubt about the customer care services, then do a search for reviews on Youtube and you will find several satisfied customers, who trust the Quickbooks support for instant help.

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