Combining Financial Reports in QuickBooks for Multiple Firms

Unlike earlier, today many businesses actually have more than one company beneath one roof. But thanks to technology, we have QBs Company File in accounting business software for each firm that they have. This is best as the user can use the same software to open and compile for each firm and the financial records will be kept confidential.

In other situations, there might be a time when companies want to get a financial reports containing information from multiple firms at the same time. But with QBs, this is actually possible as it is built into the accounting software. What all you have to do is to select which company’s files and information you want and then the rest will be taken care by QuickBooks.


What You Are Suppose To Do Is-

  • From the first company file, go to Reports and select Combine Reports from Multiple Company Files.
  • Now click Add Files and search the other firm’s file, and then Open. Keep repeating for additional files.
  • Select the files which you want to see combined details in the Select Reports for Combining section.
  • To set the report data range fill the From and To data range fields.
  • Now select the report basis.
  • Enter the name of the firm which you want to use on the newly created document.
  • Click on Combine Reports in Excel- QuickBooks will show you each company file in the background. You are required to enter the password for each file. When QBs is finished creating the reports, Microsoft Excel will automatically open. At the same time if you want to run multiple documents then you will get one Excel workbook with different tab for every report.

Connect With QuickBooks Support New Zealand For Better Understanding

QBs is not an easy tool to start with. You can contact QuickBooks Customer Support team for more information. Our staff is available at your service for 24/7. You can also contact with us via live chat or email for quick response from the experts.

If You Any Query Regarding Any Technical Issue. So, Contact Quickbooks Technical Support In New Zealand. We Will Fix Your Problem Instantly.

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